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Flex Maths Focused Revision Booklets

One of the most powerful features of Flex is that you can produce personalised work for each student based on what they need to improve in, perfect for homework or intervention. Over 200 sets of questions for GCSE Maths have been created, meaning that you can produce these booklets by just clicking the ‘download student next step work’ button in the QLA (or gap analysis), shown below.

Below are some examples of the booklets that can be produced.

Each worksheet has been split up into stages of difficulty, starting from the easiest type of question and building up to clones of exam questions, often including worked examples for the harder questions.

Students can even access their personalised work online, saving your valuable printing budget. You can also schedule a date from when the answers become available, allowing students to self mark. Try Flex now and create personalised work for all your students in one click.