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The 5 Minute QLA Plan

To make it as quick and simple as possible to get the most from a QLA, I’ve created the ‘5 Minute QLA Plan’. It’s a one page PDF that will guide you through the most important things you need to consider. Print it out and scribble all over it!

Question Level Analysis – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As teachers we want to make the biggest impact on our students. However we also know that just because we’ve taught something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been learnt and retained by our students! For the last four years I’ve been using Question Level Analysis (QLA) of tests and assessments to try to better understand […]

Making Assessment Work

This is a reblog of an article I wrote for the BESA website, published December 8th 2016. Assessment has been broken for a long time. For too long it’s been primarily a reporting and accountability tool, when really it should drive everything that happens in the classroom. As a teacher I was concerned about what […]