• Unlock the power of Question Level Analysis

    Flex Assessment takes the pain out of Question Level Analysis and enables you to quickly identify the individual learning gaps of all your students and set personalised work to close those gaps.

Question Level Analysis without the pain

Create question level gap analyses in minutes. No spreadsheets or coding required.

Students can enter the data so teachers don’t have to.

Reuse at the touch of a button and share with other teachers in your department.

Gain deeper insights

Quickly determine what topics most of the class need further help with, as well as individual students.

Close learning gaps

Quickly identify targets and concentrate on planning high quality learning, not data analysis.

Produce personalised follow up work for every student to close their learning gaps.

Why use Flex Assessment?

  • Fits any scheme of work

    No need to change anything you do.  Flex Assessment is designed to fit you, your department and school, not the other way round.

  • Gain deeper insights into learning

    Use the assessments you already use to get a complete profile of your students learning, not just a percentage or grade.

  • Produce personalised follow up work for every student

    Produce personalised work for every student based on their individual learning gaps, ideal for homework or intervention.

  • Reduce admin time

    Students can easily enter the data so teachers can spend more time planning high quality learning.

    No creating spreadsheets or coding required. Question level gap analyses can be created in minutes and reused at the touch of a button.

  • Work collaboratively

    All assessments, data and resources are instantly shared with the rest of your colleagues.

  • All your data in one place, accessible anywhere

    No more hunting for spreadsheets, or wondering if you have the latest version. All your data is stored in the cloud so you can always access the latest version anywhere.

  • Fully secure

    All your data is securely stored. We use ‘https’, the same technology that sites such as Amazon and Moonpig use, allowing your computer, tablet or phone to connect securely to the Flex Assessment website.

About Flex Assessment

I’m Dr Austin Booth, an experienced secondary science teacher and the creator of Flex Assessment.

Flex came about through my work with Question Level Analysis of assessments using spreadsheets to try to find out what my students hadn’t learned.  Although hugely powerful, this created a huge workload and prevented me from applying the technique to all my classes.

So I wanted to create an online system that would take the pain out of Question Level Analysis and allow it to be implemented simply in any classroom. That system is Flex Assessment